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LIVETRADING Auswertung März 2022 Forex Expert Advisor Handel im MetaTrader 4

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haye is rené i welcome to a new video on the channel and we do the monthly evaluation for the month of march20 22[music] exactly as before it is about this live trading account here which runs on a ps from me and the current account balance is at 1685 was started the cultural office 1200 euros so now we can also leave the server directly because I have already entered all the kids here in our trade buddy that our tool for evaluating trades works particularly well with automated trading because you can export the trends automatically from the metatrader 4 or 5 and then import them here As I said, the overall performance is here now, so you created this graph here if this graphical performance curve and the last month may not have been particularly good to look at from exactly then we see d But here it didn’t go particularly well and at that point I also had to make a small confession or just had it with me, and it’s the first time that the account has been active for a long time, which means a long time, I explain, it was definitely on Monday and tuesday not active i have to take a look for yourself here you can also see trades were made on 25 but that was here exactly that was here on friday there were still individual trades made two trades two short trades but stop on 29 or 28 29 then the account was definitely in latif es It was simply because we didn’t like it either It was because I was actually on the go and didn’t have a laptop with me at all I usually had my laptop with me somewhere but I didn’t have a laptop with me the server actually hung up somehow, strangely enough, what happened or the metatrader simply didn’t show any changes anymore then meet me on mid I sat on the computer for a week and then I have to restart the server once, do a few updates and then set everything up again since then it’s been running again, that means no new trends were set on the two days, the trades that were already set were still partially executed, for example here the sar and also a gold trade believe I and there was also a fairly large losing trade, among other things, which will probably have been this one exactly twelve euros loss was probably also due to the fact that the metatrader did not adjust the stop during these two days and did not follow it.
Overall, whether that was good or bad for the account now, I have not copied it now In any case, it was briefly active, otherwise we took the performance for this month, which wasn’t good but also not incredibly bad, so we lost 30 euros here, which should now probably be about 2 percent out of the account, if I don’t completely miscalculate then sc let’s take a look at the individual strategies how they then formed in the last month and there we have, for example, the euro/us dollar spokesman who is traded and he then actually made her entry that can’t really be okay that’s because of course I still wanted the strategy here I haven’t entered that now, I’m doing it right now, so you can then relatively easily maintain the strategies for all your trades.
That’s also a big advantage of this trade buddy, just try it out and now we will have significantly more trades the prophet is still slightly positive but only with five euros without any special things that you would have to do here now we had a relatively large profit trail 22 euros and otherwise just a slightly larger loss with seven euros but otherwise everything was normal then we the same the system in us-dollar panicked with slightly different times, of course, has performed better here again than in the eurous dollar that has been the case for several months so that it simply performs worse in the euro/us-dollar than in the us-dollar japanese yen with these settings here in the us-torjapanese yen we didn’t have such a huge win, but we have smaller losses now and on average we just had more wind trades here in the US dollar pane, so we have a profit of 42 euros here, which is extremely good for a month and we’re passing on a strategy have the atm record system in the us dollar i think there was also exactly there there was a couple loss rate a total of three pieces here yes so of three trades all loss and need not say more is of course also a total loss if everyone with about five to six euros to book suggests we have da16 eur 70 about loss for this month then we move on to the sc r systems that has this incredibly large loss with twelve euros where I can not say exactly whether this is now the result of the hanging up of the mediator I suspect but then we have otherwise made a total of are now done and even without this larger loss trade here with 12 euros who the whole now was a profitable month In total now so far there has been a loss of almost 25 euros over seven trades and last but not least we still have the dark channel system in gold.
I think I remember that there was a profit trade the month before.
Then we only have five losing trades here, which is quite a lot and in total 36 euro loss summarized but the channel system loss sar system loss atr break and system loss and only the olb strategy has made a profit on both markets, whereby you can neglect deneuro us dollars a bit and the main profit this month actually only came from the range berger us dollar japanese market exactly that was here now the evaluation for the last month otherwise i can reset it again as i said here the overall performance is still okay and i will of course continue to document it what i find interesting is i always do the monthly evaluations we pretty much look the same That means I set the performance there then goes into the individual strategies and sometimes I also go into how the overall performance of the individual strategies was sometimes every few months.
Now my questions also interest you in other aspects, so I should maybe go here and filter such times here or should I maybe filter other things or go into other things? I’ll be happy to write a comment if I’m interested in other things.
Then I can make a separate video again or take the evaluation of both of them with me in the next month I have nothing left but to wish you a cool time and good trails and we’ll see you in the next video like that until then[music][music]

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  1. Hi. Ganz nette Strategien. Die ORB Strategie solltest du mal im usd/jpy testen. Aufgrund der Zinsunterschiede seit jahrzehnten gibt es dort sehr oft Geldzu- & Abflüsse. Mit einem 11er EMA Trendfilter auf 1h Basis und einem Profitfaktor von 1.7x die Range ist dieses Setup sehr Profitabel.
    LG N. M.

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