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COINBASE Sheds Light On New Listings, Find Out What This Means For THETA!

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  1. Opinion: Theta will not list until the SEC lawsuit against Ripple is decided. If decided the wrong way, then they will never be listed. Theta is a non-inflationary token hard coded to stay that way. If anything Theta goes on CB, it would be TFuel.

    Theta is too close to being a full blown security to risk listing at this time.

  2. The longer theta stays off CB th better. The fact they don’t have their token on any US exchanges is legally strategic. Call me out if I’m wrong please?
    Also, Theta has always maintained a slow growth strategy. The doorway to validation nodes remains open at cheap prices. This all makes sense when a token is going to be around for 20+ yrs. Patience friends.

  3. I do not think that a coinbase listing at this point would make a difference. It’s available on Binance, they are the largest platform now(by trading volume). Plus, coinbase sucks anyways.

  4. Theta has tried to be everything to everybody, (streaming video, NFT, DEFI, Metaverse…) And then Theta invented Tdrop – to this day the community still does NOT understand the purpose for Tdrop! Because of Theta's lack of focus…a Coinbase listing is irrelevant.

  5. coinbase listing means nothing lets get real here ? theta needs 3-5 yrs to realise potential its a bit before its time in many ways ? price increase yes if bitcoin goes up SIMPLE

  6. Looks like Theta being listed on Coinbase is coming soon. This is taking Mitch Liu and company a ridiculously long time to get listed, something they should have figured out a while ago as there are many far lesser coins that will be worth nothing in the future listed on Coinbase.

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